South Asian Indian Bridal Bun (Step by Step)

South Asian Bridal Hair BunSouth Asian Bridal Hair Updo

Since I started my bridal hair business several years ago, I’ve been creating this timeless South Asian Indian bridal bun countless times. It’s clean, simple and in my opinion looks good on any bride. I also believe it’s one of the easiest buns to create with some practice which I’m sure some of you new hair stylists will appreciate. So let’s get started!



1. Put the hair (excluding the bangs) into a ponytail using your rubber elastic band.

2. Add your oblong shaped hair padding underneath the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

3. Once the hair donut padding has been secured, cover the padding with the ponytail by spreading it over the padding and combing/hair spraying it until it looks covered.

4. Tuck the excess hair from the ponytail underneath the padding and secure using bobby pins. Continue to work with the shape until you are happy.


5. Part the bangs in the middle and slide each side on top of the bun until the hair ends. Secure the ends of the hair into the padding.


6. Add the tikka (optional) by placing it in the centre of the parted bangs. Follow the chain to the back of the head until you reach the end of the chain. Create a split in the hair and secure the tikka with bobby pins in a crisscross manner. Slide the hairs on the sides of the tikka over the chain to cover it.

Did you try the Indian bridal bun hairstyle?

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