with @masudaface

Learn every hairstyle you need to know to start your bridal hair design business and to start taking clients immediately!

February 10, 11, 12, 2023

10am – 6pm



3 days of hands-on-training to learn 6+ party & bridal hairstyles with Masuda

8 pre-recorded online hair classes to help prepare you for the class

A recording of the actual live hands-on class so you never forget what you were taught!

1 day of a real bridal client on the job training session with Masuda

Lifetime access to ask Masuda hair related questions (information provided after registration)!

A step by step written handout explaining how to create all the hair looks

List of products required for your hair kit

Promotion through @masudaface social media so you’re guaranteed exposure and potential clients

MasudaFace Certificate of Completion

Refreshments, lunch and snacks provided for all days


This course has been tailored for stylists with little to no experience in hair designing.

Masuda will demonstrate all her techniques/tools used to create the hair looks including hair-prep, working with different hair textures, structured and soft bridal and non-bridal styles, the different ways to use a stuffer, how to attach accessories/veil/dupatta/hair extensions, frizz control, etc.

After every hair demonstration, students will recreate the styles on their mannequins with step by step coaching along the way

Students will also learn how to run a successful business


DAY 1:
Instructor and student introductions

Relevant hair designing discussions/note-taking before starting the hands-on portion

Demonstration by Masuda and recreation by students of look 1 – Hollywood Waves (with hair extensions) and S-Wave bangs.

Demonstration by Masuda and recreation by students of look 2 – Half-up half-down & Ponytail version and side swept bangs. We will do different variations of this look (i.e. with a pouf, without a pouf, curling style options, etc)

DAY 2:
Demonstration by Masuda and recreation by students of look 3 – Side Mehndi Braid & Tousled Braid with hair extensions and flower attachment as well as braided bangs.

Demonstration by Masuda and recreation by students of look 4 – Low Classic Updo with dupatta/tikka setting and voluminous bangs. *Bonus – tousled braid will be demonstrated.

DAY 3:
Demonstration by Masuda and recreation by students of look 5 – Low Romantic Updo variations with wispy bangs.

Demonstration by Masuda and recreation by students of look 6 – High Updo variations with pulled back bangs.

Business education: pricing, contracts, social media, photo editing, websites, etc


All looks will teach you how to attach hair padding when needed and the option not to use it.
All looks will teach you a different style of bangs.
You will learn how to attach different hair jewelry options (tikka, passa, matha patti, crown, headband, and any student requested jewelry).
All looks will discuss how to alter the hairstyle for thinner, thicker, shorter, longer, silkier and coarser hair to meet different hair type needs.
All looks will discuss how to attach hair extensions.
All looks will discuss the appropriate hair products and tools to use on various hair types.
Other relevant topics will be discussed such as kit hygiene, where to buy products, how to practice, etc.


MasudaFace classes are structured so you get the best learning experience possible. This is why we are the only school in Canada that offers hands-on training, online-training and on-the-job training in one course. We also want to express openly that you will not leave the hands-on portion of the class having mastered every hairstyle. The hands-on portion is meant to provide you with all the knowledge needed to create the scheduled looks and the time/guidance to recreate them in class. The online-training portion is meant to provide you with a life-time access portal where you can watch and re-watch the recorded class without worry of having forgotten what was said in class. This allows you to practice to your heart’s content until you’ve mastered the looks. Finally the on-the-job training provides an opportunity for students to experience what a professional appointment looks like from how to set-up and communicate with customers to time management and achieving the best final results. Refer to the photos below for a glimpse of the hairstyles you will learn!







1. For the on the job training portion, would we be with Masuda during an actual client booking?

  • Yes you would be working directly with Masuda during an actual bridal client booking!

2. Will you provide the hair kits?

  • Most people have most of the items needed to create the hairstyles in class at home already.However, hair kits are available for purchase at $700. The items in the kit include everything you’ll need to create the hairstyles in class! They include all of Masuda’s favourite hair tools/products. We don’t think you need to go with this option as most people have most of the items at home already. We will send out a hair kit list to you after registration. If you’d like to add the hair kit option after registration we’d be happy to help.

3. Are there any payment methods available?

  • We do not have any payment plans available at this time. Payment options include credit card and Paypal.

4. Will the Certificate be valid at beauty supply stores?

  • Yes our certificate is valid for use at the Sally Beauty Supply store and Clore Beauty Supply. You’ll also learn about other beauty supply store vendors you can sign up with for discounted hair products during class.

5. Are there any other hands-on class dates available? I am not available those dates.

We are only teaching the Ultimate Bridal Hair Course twice a year. You’re dream business is NOW! Book your days off work and rearrange your days. Take the leap of faith and invest in yourself. Your new journey awaits you!

6. What if I am not local and I want to do the hands-on class?

  • You will be able to register to watch the hands-on class online. This means you watch the class live during the 3 day course. You will have the opportunity to ask questions while Masuda teaches and you can practice on your mannequin while Masuda demonstrates. To register for this please email: info@masudaface.com.

7. Will I learn everything in 3 days?

  • You will learn how to create every hairstyle while Masuda demonstrates this in class. You will then be given time to recreate each look on your mannequin with hands-on coaching to ensure you understand the steps. After class is done, you will have lifetime access to the live recording of the 3 day class along with the step by step handout so you can practice the looks until you’ve mastered them. You will also get to work with Masuda on a real bridal client booking for your on the job training session where you can ask all your questions. Lastly, our students will have the opportunity to ask Masuda hair questions that they are still struggling with or didn’t get to ask during class for up to a 1+ years in a private student only group portal.

8. Is the class for beginners or advanced artists?

  • The class is great for beginners because we cover everything from beginning to end. The class is also for advanced artists because we cover advanced hair looks and all of Masuda’s popular hairstyles.