5 Steps To Transform The Health Of Your Hair

Transform the health of your hair ~ My family and friends always told me how they experienced extreme hair loss after their pregnancies.  I didn’t think much of it until I also experienced extreme hair loss after my son was born. After handfuls of hair coming out during each shower (yup I know…it’s gross), I knew I had to find ways to transform the health of my hair and bring it back to life. Here are my 5 tricks to transform the health of your hair: Get into a cold shower! Have you ever heard of taking cold showers but never […]

Transform the health of your hair


Why makeovers may be YOUR fault and not your makeup artists!

Avoid makeovers that end in a disaster! Have you ever booked a makeup artist for a special occasion anticipating the day you get dolled up and look like the best girl at the party? To look like a million bucks?   Only to leave in complete devastation and disappointment on how you look?   What if I told you that makeup appointment disasters are partially YOUR FAULT? That’s right!   Being in the makeup and hair industry for many years has taught me a thing or two about which customers get exactly what they desired and which customers leave disappointed. […]

FREE Makeover & MasudaFace Newsletter Announcement 3

Announcing the MasudaFace Newsletter and Free Makeover Contest! Putting myself out there Last week I was sitting on my computer staring at a blank word document with my fingers on the keyboard determined to write my first newsletter. I have been putting off writing blog content for my MasudaFace website for over a year now. One of my fears I am confident about my work on my clients beautiful hair and faces and when I teach makeup and hair. However, when I think about sending out my beauty thoughts, tips and tricks and related information out into the world I […]

MasudaFace newsletter + Free makeover